Beauty of True Love


“Unconditional love is the greatest power of all.”- David Hawkins

And then there was silence. Silence in the wake of a prolonged storm that has just passed and all that is left is this silence…. followed by peace. A sense of stillness like the world is at rest, everything is serene. Yet, the peace doesn’t really last because the mind, filled with ego-love, is a stranger to this feeling. The mind feels anxious- as if something is lacking and another storm is on its way which will knock down the building still standing in aftermath of the previous storm. And all it is doing is resting in this ephemeral silence while inevitably, peace is going to turn into utter chaos. This is what the ego-love dominated mind is waiting for and surely, that loving peace is fading away gradually, and the silence is getting replaced with cluttering self-limiting thoughts.

Yet, the heart knows that it can hold on to that loving peace forever. There doesn’t have to be another storm or if there is one, it doesn’t have to cause noise or havoc. The heart knows that to live with peace for all eternity, the tether to hold onto is true unconditional love. And then only this silence will not be feared by the mind. It will just be loved, the way it really has to be. The sigh of relief can become an everlasting breath of love, only if the heart can remove the clutches of fear and all the negative emotions. Only if the heart can connect to true love, make it the only intention, then all the dreams will become reality and the heart will finally be at peace full of inner convictions.

In this book, you will be able to feel this power of unconditional true love residing in your heart. As you read, you will be encouraged to shift your perspective towards life from existing with ego-love to that of living with true love. So, embark on this journey of recognising the beauty of true love by reading this wonderful collection of poems. Simple yet profound, these poems will inspire you to look within and connect to your true love.

“You are trying to escape from your difficulties and there never is any escape from difficulties, never. they have to be faced and fought. -Enid Blyton

Famous Quotes From Book

Journey with no end

You see, there is no end, except when you leave this existence temporarily. this is the truth i believe,

That will make you ponder endlessly. Yet, in the grand scheme of things, another question seems to sneak, that seems valid and logical,

but the answer may be senseless to a mind weak.

as each problem that has an end, another is not far behind, so, when exactly is everything going to be alright?  

Candle of Hope

the flowers have bloomed, the birds are chirping in delight.

Spring has blossomed in life, as long as i have the will to fight.

alas, this is a challenge, unique to none in existence.

not everyone gets what they wish in life; perspective makes the difference.

one may perish in the misery, and the other may succeed in each endeavour. the desires only come true,

if one is true to inner love with fervour.